February 24, 2009

Bran Stark

The official Bran Stark in the tv series Game of Thrones is played by Isaac Hempstead Wright.

Updated June 2011: Isaac is adorable and suits the part of Brandon Stark incredibly well. Very pleased with this actor playing Bran.

The only kid I could think of back then who would've suited Bran while I was reading the books was Thomas Sangster.
Thomas Sangster as Bran Stark
Catelyn and Eddard's second son, Bran enjoys climbing and exploring Winterfell. Like his siblings, he is dutiful and tough-minded. He is named for his deceased uncle Brandon, elder brother of Eddard. He dreams of one day being a great knight. His direwolf companion is named Summer.
I imagined Bran as one of the kids from Nanny McPhee - Thomas Sangster. While I was looking for photos of him, I realised he's grown up quite a bit. He's almost past his teens now and no longer that little boy. Oh well...

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